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Admission Requirements
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  Admission Requirements
Second Chance Homes is a licensed Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Residence where admission is based on determination of need.

Second Chance Homes responds to admissions inquiries from women and their loved ones, other drug and alcohol programs, case workers, social agencies, physicians, prison and probation officers, counselors, and Children Youth and Family courts.

Whom Should I Call?
Inquiries for admission can be made
at any time by calling (406) 294-5090

  • Participants/residents must be parents who are at least 18 years of age
  • Participants/residents must meet the DSM-IV criteria for drug dependence (as determined by a
    chemical dependency evaluation completed by a Licensed Addiction Counselor)
  • Participants/residents must either have already lost custody of their children to Child and Family Services, Tribal Social Services, or outside family members or are at risk for losing custody of the children due to past or ongoing substance abuse issues.
  • Parents must be willing to sign the voluntary participation and residence contract and to
    participate in whatever level of treatment is required by their CD evaluation as well as regular UA testing and ancillary services as outlined in their individual treatment plans.

There is no specified time limit for any of the residents. Residents of the homes are expected to be making forward progress on their individual treatment plans and to abide by house rules. They are expected to contribute to the income of the homes as established through their individual budgets and income levels. As a general guideline, placement in sober and supportive housing is reviewed every three months with the hope that residents can move into independent housing in six to nine months. Placement in supervised “main” house living and also in shared care is reviewed every three months, however, it is anticipated that length of stay in these homes will be longer, spanning between nine and eighteen months depending on need.

We would like to take this opportunity to answer some frequently asked questions concerning our admission requirements.

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Inquiries for admission can be made at any time by calling (406) 294-5090.