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Success Stories

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A Second Chance
When R.T. was referred to Second Chance Homes, it was not only a second chance, but also quite possibly, the last chance to achieve reunification with her little girl.  R.T. had been struggling with her addiction for years.  Her little girl had been exposed, from conception, to substances.  Even pregnancy could not move R.T. to stop using.  Nevertheless, R.T. recognized that she desperately wanted to lovingly, responsibly parent her baby girl.  Times were especially difficult for R.T. because of the realization that her addiction had so profoundly affected her daughter, both physically, in the womb, and emotionally, as R.T. was not always physically or emotionally attentive to the baby when she was deep in her addiction.  There was the legal involvement of Child Protective Services and the determination that, in her current state, she could not adequately parent her baby.  The baby was taken away to foster care; they were separated at such a critical developmental time for the baby and for their relationship.  There were, clearly, deep emotional issues that needed to be addressed.  There was substance abuse treatment that needed to be completed.  There were issues of parenting that needed to be resolved.  There were still more issues, legal, financial, housing, employment…

Through involvement with a family drug court and subsequently, voluntarily entering Second Chance Homes, R.T. made the commitment to clean up her life to save the relationship with her now, toddler.  R.T. will tell you that the commitment was not so hard to make, yet it was hard to keep.  She will tell you about how difficult the accountability and structure of Second Chance Homes seemed when she first moved in.  However, she will also tell you that those challenges are what kept her on track with sobriety and rebuilding a loving relationship with her little girl.  The fact that R.T. was able to be reunited with her daughter in the Second Chance Homes 24 hour supervised home meant that they were able to live together and rebuild their bond—something that may never have happened if R.T. would have chosen to work out her troubles without drug court and Second Chance Homes. 

There is much more to R.T. and her little one’s story, but for now, you should know…R.T. and her daughter are now living sober, healthy, loving, independent lives together in their own apartment!  Moreover, they have lifetime, ongoing access to support for any of their needs through Second Chance Homes.  A mommy and her little girl put back together through the supportive efforts of Second Chance Homes’ staff, collaborating agencies, volunteers, and certainly R.T.’s deep commitment to her daughter.  It was not easy.  It was hard work.  Nevertheless, it was worth it, R.T. would say, to go through the challenges…to be lovingly reunited with her little one!